Manage Subscription for Anime Girl Studio

Choose plan that works for you with Anime Girl Studio.


$ 15 / 8400 TOKENS

  • ·$180 billed yearly, save 40%
  • ·$15 per month
  • ·Unlimited ai girl friend chat
  • ·Unlimited generated images per month
  • ·Unlimited models
  • ·Choose image for non-public
  • ·NSFW free

$ 9.9 / 4000 TOKENS

  • ·$9.9 per month
  • ·Chat about 1000 times
  • ·Generate about 266 images per month
  • ·Unlimited models
  • ·Choose image for non-public
  • ·NSFW free

$ 19.9 / 9600 TOKENS

  • ·20% off
  • ·$19.9 per month
  • ·Unlimited ai girl friend chat
  • ·Unlimited generated images
  • ·Unlimited models
  • ·Choose image for non-public
  • ·NSFW free

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anime Girl Studio?

Imagine stepping into a world where your anime girl fantasies come to life. Anime Girl Studio is the tool for your world, offering not just an AI anime girl image generator but also a chat companion that's always ready to engage with you.

How to Create Your AI Anime Girl Art? Creating your anime girl image is as easy as below:

1. Open Anime Girl Generate in Anime Girl Studio.

2. Input the the description of your anime girl (be as wild or as specific as you like).

3. Hit "GENERATE" to generate your anime girl.

The main features of Anime Girl Studio

1. Free to Explore: It's total free for user to explore the anime girl creation in Anime Girl Studio, and you can remix the creation directly.

2. AI Anime Girl Generate: Input the description that you like or dream, then click "generate" that you can get your own anime girl creation here.

3. Chat Companion: Engage in conversations with your AI anime girl friend.

Will Anime Girl Studio Always Be Free?

We aim to keep it free for everyone to enjoy! However, we do offer a premium experience for those who wish to support further features like private image or nsfw option.

How to use negative prompt?

Don't like certain elements in your anime girl art? Specify "Negative Prompt" to exclude them from your creation

What style of anime girl art in Anime Girl Studio?

There are several styles supported in Anime Girl Studio, including anime disney girl, anime poster girl, anime angel girl, anime armed girl, anime monster girl, anime shining girl, anime babe girl, anime tattoo girl, anime coloring girl, anime school girl, anime furring girl, anime cat girl and more.

Does it support nsfw filter?

Anime Girl Studio support nsfw filter default. If you get premium features, you can choose the option you like and create the nsfw characters or nsfw conversation.


If your images aren't appearing, try a different browser, clear your cache. If issues persist, contact us at [email protected].

AI Model Insights

Our AI learns from a vast database of anime styles to create unique and creative images based on your prompts.

What's the Usage Rights?

You're free to use the images generated for personal enjoyment, sharing, or even commercial purposes, as long as you adhere to our Terms of Use.

Supporting Anime Girl Studio

Love what we're doing? Consider upgrading to a paid plan, providing feedback, or purchasing merchandise featuring your favorite anime girl creations. Your support helps us improve and grow.